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Electronic Control Engines

We supply customers with ME engines with various bore diameters. For example, we completed the ME-C engine, which is a MAN B&W electronically-controlled engine, in 2003, and the ME-B engine in 2012. Both of these engines were the first of their kind in Japan.

The ME-C provides even more optimized control of the combustion state by eliminating the conventional cam and camshafts and performing fuel injection and exhaust valve operations through electronic control with hydraulics. Hitachi Zosen also has a production system for dual-fuel diesel engines (ME-GI). Demand for these engines is increasing due to environmental regulations.

Main Achievements

1976Completed the fuel-efficient TWIN-BANK engine 2x8K45
1997Completed the 12K90MC, which had the largest output of any engine in the world at that time
2003Completed the ME-C engine 6S50ME-C, the first of its type in Japan
20116S46MC-C is completed, as the world’s first 2-stroke marine diesel engine equipped with a high-pressure SCR system that complies with NOx Tier III regulation
Completed the R&D test engine 4S50ME-T
2016Completed conversion of the test engine to a dual-fuel engine using LNG
2018Completed the ME-C engine 6G60ME-C9.5-HP SCR, equipped with an SCR system
2020Completed the cutting-edge ME-C engine 7S70ME-C10.5

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